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Carlos is a 1st Assistant Camera based in Madrid, fluent in English & with more than 20 years of experience in films, commercials & T.V. Series.  


Born in Seville, Spain, Carlos was soon to be influenced by his mother who had a successful career as a TV director.  During his early life, the sensibilities of European cinema, art, popular culture and the unique character of his natal city also had a profound impact.   


After having the great experience of doing Senior year of High School in Greensboro (North Carolina) he moved to Madrid to study Direction at CES School followed by a three year diploma in Cinematography at CECC School in Barcelona, where he pursued his passion for film.


Now in his forties, he has a vast experience and brings it along to every new project he takes on.  Since he was 19 years old, he has been on film sets, following step by step the camera department career and he is still enthusiastic about continuing to learn, to improve his skills and to meet people with the same love for the business.


He has collaborated in the development of all the Cpro line from Cmotion as a Spain´s Community Manager and helps moderate the international forum Focuspulleratwork.

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